At JMJ Automation, we take an innovative approach to SCADA integration.  We specialize in water, wastewater, and industrial applications – but have the ability to tackle much more.  Our approach is affordable, innovative, expandable, and full featured.  We have the experience to tackle complex projects and the knowledge to integrate simplified solutions.  We have experience with a wide array of VFDs and PLCs including Allen Bradly, Danfoss, Schneider, ABB …; however, we stand behind SEL controllers for intelligent control!  SEL’s Real Time Automated Controllers are the most reliable and intelligent PLCs on the market! Better yet, they boast a 10 year “no questions asked” warranty.  Additionally,  when you call SEL support, their products come with free lifetime support with no contracts and no hassle.  IE, a human answers the phone and transfers you directly to an engineer ready and willing to help.  As far as the HMI, we specialize in Trihedral’s VTScada and Survalent.  We have expertise with Inductive Automation’s Ignition HMI, WonderWare, Rockwell’s Factory Talk, Automation Direct, and many more.  We can speak Modbus, Ethernet IP, and a wide range of others; however, we are sold out to DNP3.  DNP is the most advanced, reliable, and sturdy communications protocol in the industry!


Imagine this Scenario, your Operators don’t spend all day checking Wells, Tanks, Lift Stations, Treatment Plant Components, Industrial Components…. Instead, they have a report emailed to them each morning (or printed out) that gives a trending/historical overview of each component of your system.  The operator then spends about 15-30 minutes reviewing the report, at which point, the operator then goes and performs preventive maintenance and checks the components needing the most attention.  By having historical data and reviewing trends, operators can make intelligent decisions on how to best maintain the system – thus, saving time and money.

Lets assume you have 6 wells and 7 tanks.  How do you control your wells?  What if your system were designed such that the wells could make intelligent decisions without intervention?  With SEL PLCs, this is not only possible – its extremely streamlined and effective.

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Why JMJ:

We have a team of experts in IT, Networking, HMI programming, SCADA systems, Video and Surveillance Systems, Logic, Water & Wastewater Operator Certification Training and much more!  As Managers and Operators of a large Utility, we understand exactly what our customers want and need!

  • Reliable Hardware – simplified to install and easy to use
  • Remote Alarming – text messages, emails, and even phone calls
  • Data Logging and Trending – historical and graphical
  • Granularity
  • Expandability
  • Security
  • Remote Access to each and every part of the SCADA system

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